30 Subjects You Should Have been Taught in School but were not

30 Subjects You Should Have been Taught
in School but were not

Although high school and college in South Africa
are excellent in teaching many valuable skills,
our current academic -




8 most valuable online courses
that are FREE

Getting educated is more than just a piece of paper,
it’s about being educated in life and your role in it.
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Signs You Are Further Ahead
In Life Than You Think

We have all had that period in our lives where
we feel, regardless of what happens, we simply
have nothing positive going for us.


10 Things will make you lose
your hard earned wealth

You can never achieve the ultimate financial freedom
in life unless you make an effort on growing and
maintaining the wealth you’ve -



Highest Paying Work From
Home Jobs 2021

Forbes reports that remote work is a win win for
freelancers, organisations and employees.
Whetheryou’re already working in your pj’s,
or are looking to make that move out of
the


Which is better? Learning a Skill
or a Traditional University Degree?

The world of qualifications is constantly changing. There
once was a time when, for anyone to embark on a
successful journey, they had go to a prestigious
University, earn themselves a degree. -


Signs you're wasting your
life away

 Every intelligent person should be able to
correctly asses their reality at any given point. 
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13 Businesses that are booming
during the Corona Pandemic

Business bringing the necessary relief to patients
and hospitals are in high demand, as well as
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12 Signs you're in the Middle

Some of you aspire to move into the middle
class, some of you will realise you are actually
in it and for a small portion of you, this is so far
behind you, you never want to go back again.