South Africa's top selling take-away food in 2021Chicken remains South Africa’s favourite food to order in. It is followed by pizza, and burgers. This is according to data from Uber’s Year in Review report.

According to UberEats, salmon is a popular choice in the vegan world, as well as tofu.

Uber said that the Uber Eats app has been used for food delivery since 2017 because of the Covid-19 pandemic that caused an increase in demand for food. Uber Eats expanded to 33 new cities this year, and is available in over 40 cities and they expect this number to keep growing.

In South Africa, Uber drivers have collectively travelled 5.8 million km delivering groceries and essential goods.

“Over the course of the year, more and more restrictions were gradually eased, and our customers used Uber Eats to get, quite literally, everything delivered — from washing powder, flowers, beer and even board games.”

Coca-Cola was the top selling product in South Africa, featuring in more than 16,000 orders this year.

The largest order on the app in South Africa was made by a customer who ordered R15,000 worth of groceries, containing over 700 individual items.

The platform also became the go-to marketplace for last-minute flower orders this year, white roses were the most popular in2021
According to Uber, people in South Africa ordered a wide range of items. From over 40,000 bags of ice to over 2,700kg bags of washing powder.

Customers around the world embraced introduction of alcohol.

The most popular time placed for alcohol orders was between 17:00 and 18:00, with gin, vodka, and wine coming through as the top favourites.